Aatam Shah

Astute | Flexible | Perceptive

Aatam is as professional as one can be at work and as fun as you would want him to be outside of the work. He has developed the most appropriate work-life balance. When you know him professionally, you can’t imagine him to be doing anything but work, and when you know him personally, you can’t imagine him to be doing any work, and if you know him both professionally and personally, you just can’t imagine how he strikes such a perfect balance between both.

What do you take back home every day from work?

Aatam answered “Satisfaction”. That’s the greatest treasure one can have. I get the sense of satisfaction everyday when fresh talents outperform their own expectations and share their experiences with me. It gives me joy that I can’t put in words. I love that this position at Roodland allows me to manage teams compiled of individuals with unique talents.

I go home smiling and satisfied every day because I know that I have been the wind beneath someone’s wings. Someone who was not sure of his career choice. Hearing there experience afterwards is always a symphony to my ears. Working with Roodland is the best feeling I have experienced.

Having earned MBA (REUI) from renowned RICS SBE, Mumbai; Aatam holds qualified industry experience with a focus on Real Estate Development Consulting & Advisory. He is also an expert of networking, valuation, and research.

He graduated during the time when the world got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, and people were losing jobs everywhere, yet he managed to land himself a significant place at a very influential position at Roodland.

What would you be doing if not working at Roodland?

Aatam smiled and said Well, it's hard to imagine my life without Roodland because it offers me so much flexibility and growth opportunity. And I have been with Roodland since its beginning. It is only at Roodland where I am able to reinforce my previous learnings and build my career graph with an exceptional curve, only at Roodland where I learned everything and built my career, something that everyone would like to experience. But to answer the question, based on my qualifications, I think I would be working for a scheduled 9-5 job with some real estate firm, but fortunately, I got associated with Roodland and now building an organisation with enthusiastic teammates and young minds.”

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