Arpit Paliwal

Meticulous | Ingenious | Team player

Arpit is the guy who everybody wants to be with. Even though he always has a load of professional responsibilities to manage, yet he always manages to be relaxed and fun person to be around. He is known for dealing the most complex of problems with super ease. The credit of his such well-developed character also goes to him being closely involved with sports since school and having played table tennis at National level.

Arpit has completed post-graduation from India's finest institute in the field of construction engineering and management, NICMAR, Pune which helped him develop a successful career in strategizing real estate. To implement his strategies in a more efficient manner, he also takes care of marketing strategies himself and in a very successful manner. He has got a very good hold on it. He has worked with a wide range of clients in real estate market. Arpit has set a strong foot in transforming the Real Estate markets through perceived industry-related knowledge.

How Roodland helped you achieve your dreams?

Being from Civil Engineering background and having pursued post-graduation in real estate industry management helped me a lot to have a concrete knowledge of the industry. But it was at Roodland where I got into actual face-off with the industry. I was always interested in real estate industry and latest technologies and at Roodland both my interest go hand in hand as Roodland utilizes only the latest technologies to provide the best client experience. Having been able to do all this, I feel my ambitions achieved and in fact at Roodland I have set goals for new ambitions. I am looking forward to expand Roodland to every corner of the country and then set sail to the newer boundaries.

Strongly skilled in elemental parts of civil engineering, Arpit is an integral member of the core team. He leads the marketing team and guides the entire sales force. He makes sure that the sales team never run out of qualified leads. Assuring the quality of work, risk identification, conducting rigorous market research, creating and executing marketing plans, strategizing social media advertising and marketing, and email marketing are some additional duties that he handles effortlessly besides managing teams. He has run successful marketing campaigns using both print and digital media.

Arpit is committed to using his marketing and communication skills to help Roodland reach a wider audience. In fact, with Arpit’s support and dedication, Roodland has become India’s most established platform One-Stop solution for real estate.

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