Jaimin Upadhyay

Earnest | Enthusiastic | Astute

Jaimin is one of the youngest ones in organization but his age doesn't have to do anything that he puts on the table. He is the most professional one of the bunches and is full of enthusiasm and willingness. He is one of the directors of the company and is a master of closing complex deals. Before Roodland, he worked with the Urbanization and Town Planning Authority and gained a lot of knowledge about developing the structure of a city and how an area can be utilized in the best possible way.

What is the one constant that has stayed with you with changing dynamics with continuous addition of new people?

To this Jaimin said “I think the one constant that has stayed with me during this long run is the motive to grow myself and take the organization to new horizons. I realize that I am at influential position and people look up to me, so, I try to set examples for them. The best way to do that is the best version of myself, and that is I always aim to be. I try to deliver up to my full potential and the people around me turn out to be very helpful in doing that. Seeing their consistent efforts always keeps me on the edge.”

Jaimin is excellent at everything he does. Team management, leadership, interacting with number of people outside, etc., he does it all with absolute ease and dedication. He inspires the people around him to always try to be better. When Jaimin is not at office, he is probably wondering which car he should buy next.

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