Mukesh Jaithlia

Resilient | Diligent | Steadfast

Mukesh is the synonym of excellent leadership, efficient management and a loving husband. He is the finance wizard of the company. He takes care of all the transactions and maintains the financial growth of the company. He has worked with many big corporates and driven a lot of start-ups to a successful expedition. His knowledge and wisdom always prove to be very helpful to all the other professionals.

How did you land at Roodland?

“I am in the financial sector, so I keep learning about the potential organizations and markets. Real estate is one of the most progressive industries in Ahmedabad and I was hearing a lot about Roodland making big impacts in the industry, from my friend Saloni Sharma. They were totally changing the dynamics of the sector and bringing in transparency which is a desperate requirement in this particular industry. Their work caught my interest and I looked through their local sources, where they were super active. I connected with them and proposed what I can offer and listened to their needs. Our frequency matched quickly and we started resonating together. Now, we are all one team and that makes me very happy. Being surrounded by so many young professionals I feel extremely charged, motivated and passionately responsible.” said Mukesh.

Mukesh manages to be the best in both the worlds. He takes care of his teammates and the organization just the way he takes care of his family. His fatherly instinct is reflected in his profession as well. He is responsible for the sanity that prevails in the organization even after all the magnificent success that drowns in every day. Being in the industry for too long, he recognizes the pitfalls and understands how to dodge them. He is a great source of learning of professional ethics.

What are your future plans at Roodland and how do you plan to achieve it?

“My future plans for Roodland is sustainable growth. An all-round and uniform growth of the organization in all the directions. It includes exposure to a much wider market, networking with the potential stakeholders, expansion in PAN India, stabilized financial models, new verticals and exposure on the international platform” said Mukesh.

“I have been in financial industry for quite a time now. I have worked in some of the major cities both in India and abroad. I understand the market very well, I have a network of experts who would love to associate with this organization and help me take the organization to new levels. I am constantly working on new expansion models and with my experience and connections, I am going to actualize this plan pretty soon” he added.

Why do you think that Roodland is the best opportunity for you?

“There are many reasons to that. First and foremost is the industry they are into. It's a forever glooming industry. People are never going to stop looking for homes. When they already have a home, they look for a bigger home. We witnessed even during the Covid pandemic that while all other industries collapsed, the real estate sector kept on flourishing. People started looking for a new segment of home, the one which has an extra office space. So, this sector has rigidity in normal times and conditional flexibility in times like Covid pandemic which keeps the market strong.”

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