Saloni Sharma

Leader | Persuasive | Innovative

Saloni's reflection of her life:

“I love the life I am living now. It's so much exciting and full of challenges. I evolve every day because I face those challenges and take home the learnings and come to work the next day with an improved version of myself. This stair of constant learning and growing that I climb and rise on every day at Roodland is what I love the most about this company.”

Saloni is a woman of many talents. She is known for quantifying people's potential, creating agile organization and matching people to jobs where they thrive. The ideas she puts on the table in brainstorming sessions are always the most unique, effective, innovative and transforming.

Saloni has been explicitly involved in spreading the awareness of the real estate market. Her many talents which mentioned earlier includes marketing, setting up systems in place, introducing training modules in from top to bottom for level management approach, brand management, and being responsible for running all the operations in the organization.

What's your vision for Roodland?

To this Saloni said that “I am particularly passionate about supporting women to reach their full potential, and I believe that the best way to inspire people is to lead by example. I am also planning to lead the organization from local to national to an international platform to enhance the brand presence and put our name in the top ranks.” Saloni is a regular speaker at women entrepreneur events and a champion of marketing. Even though she already has many feathers to her wings and is over loaded with work and responsibilities, she still manages to cook and take care of a pet.

How is Roodland good example of innovation in the real estate industry?

“Roodland has a very active online presence through social media. We employee digital marketing and performance marketing, exercise regular networking with our global outreach, provide opportunity to young talents, set high standards, avoid making any compromises, encourage diversity and inclusion.”

“We also aim at improving production services, forming new long-term associations, and bringing in sustainability.” she added.

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